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Tricks n Sports

Weekend Crescendo... On a train journey to Wales, I popped into a station hotel's bar. Just a quick quencher and some peanuts. The telly was on. It was mid afternoon. A handful of lads - perhaps on a stag-do - were having a beer session. As well as a few couples and...

Realms & Substances

Realms and Substances There is magic in this world. Not that I’m superstitious, but science has shown me. Chemistry to be precise. Drugs. I had a hamburger the other day, and I was high as a kite. On sugar. Shit it was. But I picked some Welsh mountain fungi, as I do...

Pretty Shitty Sex In The City

Sexual Silence

It’s always been a source of intrigue for me, as to why sexuality is such a taboo. Sure, it’s lessened in it’s disgusting-ness over the last few decades, but still it’s very much an off-limits topic in ‘correct’ company. It’s as though there’s something very wrong with it… “Brrrush it under the carpet Cynthiaah, I sharnt consider such animalistic beastliness!”

I watched two cows shag each other in a field this summer. The others were hardly interested at all.

Love …or what?

It’s pretty simple this life: Love or fear. “Oh,” they’ll scoff, “One can’t break it down to such simplistic terms. What about the pressures of rates of interest verses the inflation on tax credits on one’s annual expenditure? How is one supposed to exist properly...

Corbie Boo!

17th August, 2015 So Gordon Brown is the latest New Labour pirate attempting to keep the skull and crossbones flying for Queen and Capitalism. Individually Blair, and other has-been-political-paper-weights, are laughable. However collectively they are doing their job...

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