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Universal Truths – Oceans of Harmonics

by | Oct 21, 2016 | News & Current Affairs | 0 comments

Opening the Floodgates of the Biofields

I’m going to invite you to suspend your disbelief.

I know you can do this because you do it regularly and it’s a most familiar conscious activity. I would imagine it’s something that you do on a daily basis in fact. When you watch a drama on TV, or listen to a story on the radio. When you empathise with characters in a book, or on a stage, you’d suspend your disbelief every time.

Even when studying academic theories, disbelief suspension is required again and again. For example when you consider aspects of study outside of visible sight, such as particles or viruses for example, you’re unable to see them without visual aids and instruments – but you’re very likely to believe in them. You have faith in the certainty that discernment of the source is unnecessary. Probably because the concepts have been consistent since childhood.

Humans are a wonderfully trusting species…

Suspending disbelief is obviously rife in religion; but also in such disciplines as geography and history too: One hasn’t ever met Charlemagne, Alexander (the Great) or the Virgin Queen but we are ‘required’ to put our faith in the sources that assure us they existed. Neither have we ever seen a convection current beneath the Earth’s crust nor a hole in the Ozone layer way above our heads.

Take business and marketing as a further case in point. We are invited to believe that certain chocolate brands can increase our sexuality, or that various chemical products will make our home’s safer. We are coaxed, perhaps via advertising, to ‘invest’ abstract economic statistics into schemes or ‘financial products’ in order to prevent calamitous consequences in the future.

And politics: Designed to help us feel safe that dignitaries and leaders in dark suits, standing in front of flags, are doing their utmost to prevent sub-human villains from destroying our assumed freedoms.


In truth, belief (or faith) is such a common aspect of our lives that it’s a wonder that we’re ever interested in hard, visceral, proof at all. Just imagine the hilarity of someone stating that they refused to believe in kangaroos, or Hawaii, until they’d actually met one or been there!

And so further to this most regular of conceptual ideas of suspending one’s disbelief, I’m going to ask you to believe in something that very few people have any academic evidence of: A field of energy called ‘A Biofield’. (It amuses me that this computer’s predictive spell check facility is really not at all comfortable with this concept either!)

Now I’m hoping, however, that this electro-magnetic Biofield concept won’t be too big an ‘ask’, in actual fact, for you to fathom; as it’s very comparable to many other areas of belief with which we’re all already very well acquainted.

Firstly the wi-fi signal of the internet. A ‘source’ is generated and an ‘information field’ of coded data is emitted across the airwaves from which ‘devices’ can ‘connect’ and then harvest harmonious frequencies accessing all manner of faculties and capabilities; whether that be an infinite mine of knowledge, entertainment, art, etc, or activating hardware such as 3D printers, thus creating physical constructs in the material realm. Impressive, I’m sure you’ll agree.

The second metaphor that assists comprehension of the Biofield (previous known to ancient civilisations in terms of an ‘aura’ or ‘aetheric’ field) is good old electricity. I need not patronise you with regards to its many uses or functions of course, but consider this: As with an eddy in a stream, it would be impossible to sketch the energy (or force) itself without straying into the visualisation of its effects. [Try it: Draw electricity without penning a cable, or a light-bulb, or a storm, etc…] there are all manner of varieties of how electricity manipulates our lives, but its essence – in terms of energy – or dare I say ‘Spirit’? – is invisible and inaudible to our conventional, three-dimensional, senses.

One has to delve beyond our overt biological receptors to fully appreciate its flow. Perhaps in a similar way as a fish would be required to suspend its disbelief when considering the merits of air – or even water – it would need to experience an alternative realm of existence with which to do so. However the fish would likely be increasingly aware of a different environment as it swam upwards, and closer to the light and air – as the satisfying sensation of nourishment increased. The sea’s realm is saturated with the effects of oxygen from beyond the boundary of its watery membrane.

And so we move seamlessly to space (…silly name). Up there past our local gaseous frontier, to the ocean of the 4th element: Plasma.

‘Wait a moment!” I hear you protest, “Space is a vacuum and there are only three elements: Solid, liquid and gas!”

Not so. Our beliefs have been so molded to consider our planet an island in an empty, silent, lonesome, gravitational vortex vacuum. But just as dogma had our ancestors’ faith committed to the idea of a flat Earth, our truths have been misplaced…

Oh yes! Our galaxy is swimming with currents and awash with tides! Of plasma. Through which harmonies and frequencies of sound and light vibrate as credibly as any aquatic chorus of interlinked islands. Each orb, whether planet or comet, star or asteroid, ringing and singing in a celestial orchestra as phenomenal and as real as any cetacean choir.

But humans cannot hear it. So one must suspend one’s disbelief – like a dog whistler – in order to even consider it one must rebel against conventional consensus and mainstream academics. Feel emboldened by the evidence though, as it is deafening. It is only a matter of time – as it was in the days of brave Giordano Bruno, executed for his stance outside of the scientific dogma of his day – before Truth is acknowledged.

Electro-magnetic pulses radiate around this universe. Birkeland Currents fire columns of astro-info’ intergalactically, begging the question: “Are these celestial song-lines sentient sources of data?”

Perhaps the astrologers had a point? Perhaps this is why Alan Watts described the study of planetary energy cartography as a ‘pseudo-science’. When the ions, photons and other subtle space waves arrive into Mother Earth’s corresponding morphogenic sensory sphere, and into our own torus-shell of etheric biofield, do we too compute? All science initiates as pseudo-science. Do we also download data sub-consciously? Has science yet to fully quantify the magnitude of quarks and quantum forces passing through the Chi-sphere; past our emotional body into our cognitive receptors and eventually, subliminally, affecting our 3D reality – conjoining macro and micro realms with the subjectivity of spirit and the objectivity of science.

“God is pressure,” said Dion Fortune’s husband, Dr Thomas Perry Evans. …The wind doth blow from high to low. Charged electrical energy amped and pumped, fizzing and sailing, cascading and scarring, spraying and splaying.

Eclectic and electric peacock plumes of colour and crescendo, climaxing inter-dimensionally and pulling and pushing pulses and Prana through fields of photons and synapses of sound, arriving, eventually, at our endocrine glandular system. The chakra womb, here on Earth, amongst the people. Fusing harmonic DNA pathways around neural networks across bio-devices and along software systems and data deltas. Rivers of plasma, bodies of blood, lambic labyrinths of resonant light.

Cells and strings.

As above so below, as within so without.

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