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Daytime in the Holographic Universe.

by | Apr 11, 2016 | Education & Psychology | 3 comments

I’ve been recently fascinated by the concept of our universe being holographic.

(And that metaphorical dawn has broken with regards to our solar system crossing the galactic central plane …but we’ll get to that in a bit…)

The word collaborates from two sections from ancient greek: ‘holo / graphos’.

‘Holo’ is like ‘holistic’ or ‘wholeness’. And ‘graphos’ is like ‘graphics’, or ‘graph’ – to convey a message, or to communicate.

Similarly, ‘photo-graph’ is ‘message’, or ‘communication’ via ‘light’, for example.

‘Calligraphy’ is communicating with beauty: ‘Kali-graphos’. (Although be careful as the Hindu god Kali is… shall we say… a bit of a rascal. It’s another article for another day, but these written words can be deceptive, to say the very least…!)

“The scale of irreducible rascality,” as Alan Watts so wonderfully describes!

Anyhow, ‘holo-graphic’ is ‘communicating’ through ‘totality’, or ‘unity’, or ‘completeness’.

Colloquially, the definition of ‘a hologram’ had been restricted to the idea of two or three images ‘moving’ in 3D, depending on the viewing angle (e.g. a jigsaw or a bookmark). Or similarly a futuristic sci-fi messaging technique, such as Princess Leia’s plea to OB1 Kenobi, sent in R2D2, in Star Wars.

But the Star Trek ‘holo-deck’ in the sci-fi TV series with Jean-Luc Picard adds further consideration.

Here’s a dictionary definition:

  • A method of producing a three-dimensional image of an object, projecting a pattern of inference illuminated by coherent light.

So a holographic universe is ‘inferred’ through illumination by light.

You tilt the holographic postcard – or more complex reality – and the light synergises, interacts and synthesises with the holograph’s ‘Base’, and, depending on certain variables (i.e. the angles at which the light, the holograph and the eye relate to each other) the perceived image changes …or moves …or animates.

There are other Universes available to one’s perception, assuming conditions alter; and Consciousness is aware of the mechanics required to make the necessary adjustments.

Here’s a definition of ‘infer’:

  • The act or process of deriving logical conclusions from premises known or assumed to be true.
    The act of reasoning from factual knowledge or evidence.
    A hint or suggestion.

The inferno of Life is illuminated, and a furnace of Consciousness radiates.

There’s a clear connection between the hologram’s relationship with the Subject (i.e. something with Consciousness that is sensitive).

Such language as: ‘coherent’ / ‘deriving’ / ‘conclusions’ / ‘known’ / ‘assumed’ / ‘true’ / ‘reasoning’ / ‘hint’ / ‘suggestion’ are used to emphasise the importance of each individual Subjective perspective.

A bit like that one about whether or not the tree that falls in the forest makes any noise if there are no ears about.

A hologram needs the vantage point of a Singularity (or Self) for it to exist.

The singular entity of the Self (or many Selves) is vital for the existence of a holographic environment: If no one is ‘tuned in’, then it’s a proto-Reality: Inspiration-Conception-Construction.

One’s Reality depends on one’s interaction with a wider Consciousness.

Interestingly the holographic reality is completely relative in terms of scale.

It is always complete at whatever dimensions it is perceived. For example, going back to the holographic picture (say… 2 frames of a dolphin jumping out of a postcard) if you cut the image in half the dolphin is multiplied, not divided.

In other words the hologram maintains two dolphins on a reduced scale, instead of dividing the original at a consistent scale.

Very cool.

This suggests that the hologram ‘knows’ what it’s supposed to be from it’s deepest reaches. Because it doesn’t matter how many times you slice up that poor cetacean, it never divides itself; it maintains its whole, except at differing relative proportions and repetitions.

Like Fantasia’s kitchen, the mops just keep on multiplying the more you try to destroy them!

Therefore when we move the concept back to our own universal existence this offers some fascinating avenues for evaluation.

What is ‘It’, that we are considering, with regards to this holographic effect and it’s holistic Nature; because when I’m sorting out my dinner all the spuds and vegetables are evidently very happy to divide, and stay divided?

So, what, in our universe, is holographic?

What can’t be divided?

What is the Tao’s canvas?

What is the unifying quantum variable?

What maintains its ‘wholeness’, and entirety, and purity, regardless of the perceived finite characteristics of our existence?

Clearly it’s not anything we would consider to be physical or material, as these simply ‘break down’.

From the perception of division, wholeness is elusive.

Just like they do on Picard’s ‘holo-deck’: Death is just as real to Jean-Luc as it is to Sonic the Hedgehog, in their own individual holographic universes.

Are photons graphics of holistic data?

People have been so obsessed in reducing ‘objects’ down that we’ve even got as far the the atom.

Probably a bit obsessive when you stop and think about it: Babies and bathwater.

But, hey, I appreciate exploration as much as the next man…

Speaking of which, the solar system is on a different scale, but with similar principles. Holographic.

As above, so below.

Just like a particle with orbs orbiting in an eddy of energy; the celestial bodies spiral and dance, around a nucleus sun.

Photons from the big Proton.

Waltzing through the galaxy.

Stars all interacting like organs and nervous systems of any other Body.

And through the Galactic plane we pass. The light at the end of the dark tunnel.

Oxygenated blood-cells as opposed to de-oxygenated. Veins vs arteries.

The Mayan calendar reset on 21st December, 2012 when we intersected the galactic centre. As though passing from night to day.

A cosmic, 26,000 year wavelength of time and light. Day to night to day again. And morning has broken.

The galactic sun is up, with His hat on. Hip hip hip hip hooray!

Like an aeroplane rising above the rimy clouds into dazzling sunshine.

The carnivorous night hunters will settle down and sleep, as a new light floods into Consciousness.

The data is in the photons, crisply photosynthesising us though the clear morning atmosphere.

Welcome to thirteen thousand years (at least) of galactic Day!

Imagine, if you will, empirically and scientifically mapping the world without light. In the night. The Reality of existence is diametrically opposed to the day. Because of quality and quantity of photons.

But of course for 13,000 ‘night years’ we’ve also had days too. The metaphor perhaps falls away at about here.

But keep in mind the idea of light quality building a holographic Idea.

Our understanding of this next 13,000 years has a very different hue, or tone. What ‘code’ we are provided – awakened in our DNA – changes, as we move into a new day, on these extended time-cycles.

We don’t have much evidence of how it was 13,000 years ago (Vatican vaults aside). Is anything possible?

There’s talk of three dimensional matter ‘advancing’ (or ‘morphing’) into a more crystalline consistency.

Coal to diamonds.

A more vibrational and holographic world. Crude matter dissolving into a light show of crystaline Energy that opens Pandora’s monotheist overnight box to release a radiant and divine polytheist beauty, perhaps…

Like the hologram of a dolphin leaping, we too are light Beings.

Why not?

Abracadabra means, ‘I believe so I create’.

If every Conscious is a Universe and Consciousness combines holographically, then we are the Multiverse.

As the deep swell at the Source of our hologram fuses and merges and conjoins with new Light and Music…

Melting and morphing, like a nice, individual and societal version of T1000.

Ionic and photon alignment might well be the ticket.

Log on and hook up to the inner-net!



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