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Spectre’s Wonderland Matrix of the Sith in Oz

by | Mar 15, 2016 | News & Current Affairs | 0 comments

Joining the Herd

Let’s come to the assumption that the world of politics and leadership is all wrapped up. Done and dusted. And that we’re just too powerless to do anything about it. Meaning that apart from a few pockets of Star Wars-esque rebels, here and there, the Empire is all encompassing, locally and globally.

Think of a Bond bad guy scenario – how about Spectre, or Drax from Moonraker, as an interesting example: A psychotic clique (tough childhoods full of fear and neglect, God love ‘em) of  ‘hidden hands’ who exist above the law; have access to as much power and wealth as required; are into genetic and psychological manipulation; planetary control and aggressive oppression …and generally a bit short on friendliness and care.

Well, all this beastliness would create a few ‘ruffled feathers’, shall we say, amongst rank and file of society, if out in the open. Folk might feel that it was a tad unfair and ill-advised to be so antisocial.

In England they say, “It’s just not cricket, old boy!”

So, hypothetically speaking, this dark sect in control would need to maintain an aspect of subtlety and secrecy to conceal their sinister leanings. One or two believable deflection tactics. Some deception to send their ‘critics’ down a back ally; or off on a red herring; maybe a patsy to offer; and a bogus tree to bark up.

Otherwise such comprehensive domination would be tough to maintain – especially during transition stages.

Better still, how about creating a system whereby the populous inadvertently supported the formation and creation of such a hierarchy of suppression?

Sticking with the movie analogies: One might form legions of dulled, complicit, drones such as Storm Troopers, Agent Smiths or compliant zombies who would be motivated to build the necessary division and descent amongst confused and ignorant hordes. Psychologically pressuring, via cultural triggers and societal prompts, the reams of workers to cower into submission for fear of ostracisation and starvation.

Money would be an obvious tool for this job. If people at the base of the collective pyramid (in this fantasy world) squabbled and competed for a ‘resource’ that these masters of the universe controlled an infinite supply of … assuming their printer has a healthy supply of ink and paper …then, Hey Presto, plenty of time, space and willing minions; all distracted enough to not only ignore such sinister plans; but to help them germinate; with an abstract financial carrot doing a grand job!

But there’d surely be a few annoying ‘clever clogs’ of course, who’d be able see through the ruse. They’d be smart enough to get the old money trick aligned, and immaterial, to free up enough thinking time allowing them to deduce that there’s more to this life than statistical validation via digital alchemy.

These wise so-and-sos would require something else to get their teeth stuck into… Something meaty, whereby they feel like they are campaigning for something noble and just and true… That they would be striving and fighting for liberty, freedom, truth, brotherhood and the dreams of all… A contrived opposition to batter, for that ever elusive feel-good factor.

Religion used to fulfil this task admirably. In order to ‘find’ God (who art without) and vanquish the Devil (who art sinfully within) the virtuous believer could spend his days ruing and conquering evil people; ever striving to reach that land of milk and honey called ‘heaven’ – which, let’s be fair, ain’t on the cartographers’ offerings down here on planet Earth.

For “Our father who art in heaven”, read: “You’re alone and bereft of spiritual completion unless you follow our road-map to the promised land.”

But those days began to slip with those confoundedly clever German thinkers (‘Who started the bloody war anyway!?’). They surmised that the Self could be ‘complete’ without a suppressive, patriarchal, dogma; manifested via clergy in costumes while insisting on an individual’s autonomy in order to reach ‘the Kingdom’ while repenting on one’s knees and drinking the sacrificial blood and eating the sacrificial flesh of a gentleman brutally executed a couple of epochs ago, allegedly.

The control system would therefore need adapting and modernising…

…If, of course, such a system existed.

‘Catch ‘em early’ would be a good option! Get them as children and build up a weight of anxieties and insecurities that would have them tossing and turning in negativity through to adulthood. Reduce self-belief and self-respect asap, obviously, but also build a straw man for them to burn! A bogey-man to release their frustration and pent up hatred. “BUUURN ‘EM!”

Offer forth both sides of a chess board – black vs white. Give them kings to capture. How exciting! Give them roles to play in defeating the perceived opposition – knights and bishops, pawns and queens. Keep them ‘playing the game’. Fearing. Hating. Keep them fighting! Give them the othello pieces to play their turns at flipping hollow perceptions of dark into light… Help them feel some sporadic success and satisfaction in their falsified dramas…

Just enough to keep them occupied and guessing… “Busy giddy minds with foreign quarrels.”

In today’s newspaper a cardinal of economics (Mr G. Osbourne Esq.) has made a decision to offer a ‘living wage’ – because beneath all the propaganda of either side, he is, clearly, just a good guy at heart who wants to do the right thing. This sounds like a reasonable proposition (forgetting the Wizard of Oz’s magic printer for a moment) if we make the sweeping assumption that everybody likes everybody else alive. So he decrees publicly, “Give people enough money to live.” – heroically, generously and benevolently!

But wait! There is the ‘game’s’ opposition thrown into the mix, like ground bait, to hook the little fishies into the trap. ‘Big business’ – always hearty villains for minnows of money to resist; and for the ‘strong’ and ‘free’ to endorse – they say, ‘No’: Fortune favours the brave!’ They say that the living wage will hinder ‘rigour’ and ‘progress’ and ‘freedom’ and ‘competition’ for the ‘innovative’ and ‘entrepreneurially inspired’ to quest onwards to societal and technological glory! If we prevent these crusaders of modernity from bettering themselves (and therefore us all, if you’re academically sophisticated enough to understand this complicated contradiction), then it will surely be a descent into the hands of destruction. You see, greed really is good …honest!

And lest we ever forget: There are wild and frenzied foreign barbarians always lurking in wait for enough cracks in our sovereign and virtuous solidarity as a noble, wise and true People to fulfil their lust of beheading us all at will! ‘Security’ for all is the kind virtue of the wealthy! Gawd bless them all!

Better the devil (aka dark chess pieces) you know!

Because, on so many rungs of the ladder, if all chess pieces were sympathetic to the grey shades of humanity, would there be any conflict?

Or is it more the case that we are indoctrinated to love the fight; fear the enemy and suffer for our servitude?

When you spin the Yin and Yang (or the colour wheel incidentally)  the result is an overarching lightness. Boundaries bleed into each other: A unity of collaboration drawing from all alignments of light and dark.

Perhaps we love the spectrum to permit us to play such exciting, invigorating and dramatic games?

Do contrasts and clashes heighten out zest for a quest?

Is ‘Beyond Good and Evil’ a drab and passionless venue of boredom?

What if all ideologies were the enemy: Capitalism and communism / football and rugby / Islam and Christianity / Master and Slave / Country and Western / Good and Evil / L’Oreal and Estee Lauder / Democrat and Republican / Fox and NBC / science and religion / Coke and Pepsi / Israel and Palestine / Nike and Adidas / Hope and fear / Lidl and Aldi / professional and amateur / masculine and feminine / Ford and Volkswagen / fascism and freedom / etc / etc…

What if the anarchists and nihilists (even though ideologies themselves!) had a point?

What if the True Grail were to battle, furiously, against division, per se…? To, in fact, prevent the dilution of our individual autonomy into a grey mush, and defeat collective hegemony. To eject away from the Empire’s assault on our innate humanity of expression and creativity.

To, paradoxically, prevent the rot brought on by conformity in our ‘free world’.

Even those wealth creators at Big Business HQ are frustrated by their religious devotion to chasing their idol of income. Self-incarcerated into cults of capital. Spending their hours, days, weeks, months and years in sects and cells to secure their ‘rights of freedom’, and claim hollow salvation through hierarchical superiority and the trappings of retail fulfilment …on the occasions they’re released from proud solitary confinement.

Are you divided? Do you play othello and chess with your fellow global citizens, and even your Self? Are other people’s ‘positioning’ perceived as genetic opponents, rather than fellow psychological (s)inmates?

The game works everywhere on multiple levels: Religion, politics, race, gender, careers, etc, most obviously. But more subtly with unaligned values: Social status, recreation, newspaper choice, clothing labels, preferences of inebriation, educational background, beauty, etc, etc.

Is it better to be seen as exclusive or inclusive?

Perhaps religious laws and judgemental creeds have never left the psyche of the herd, regardless of church attendances.

Perhaps the group mentality is still stoned on the dogmas of justifying ostracisation, and psychological persecution.

Perhaps the chess pieces have changed colour, but the rules of spiritual combat are still very much prevalent, even with pious atheists…?

Ask yourself which sectors of homo-sapiens  you’d like to checkmate – and then dig into the reasons why.

We all have the capacity to download Agent Smith into our software. It all depends which wifi you’re hooked into, and whether anti-virus programmes can defrag’ the fear and upload a hunger for harmony and a thirst for compassion…


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