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Magic Words

by | Dec 16, 2015 | News & Current Affairs | 0 comments

The Magic of Words.

“OMG”We’ve recently added this little sound-bite into our lives. We use three symbols, squeezed from words, turned into sylables, to help us communicate an idea in someone else.

And the three little symbols tell us all that all the world’s a code …for something else.

And that’s magic.

Very familiar magic no doubt. But magic no less.

The magic brings into the world a concept, from the Ether, filtrated via people, into reality.

Quick! No one think about a pink polar bear!

But you did, didn’t you!

You couldn’t help it. It was manifest into your imagination. A pink polar bear arrived into our lives in the form of a cognitive construction brought ‘through’ by the correct magic words.

“Brought through?’ It’s not like you’ve pulled it into the real world out of a circus hat, or from a genie’s lamp. It doesn’t really exist!”

Well, let’s start from the other end.

Let’s think of something amazing – perhaps even magical – that does exist. How about a remote control for a TV.

Ten years before it came into existence it would have been considered magic. (Magic is just something that other’s don’t understand scientifically btw).

Or something phenomenal like the Crystal Palace of 1848. Breathtaking! Pioneering! Wonderful!

Materially they all started out as little pieces of brick, or plastic, or glass, and had yet to be assembled through skills of People.

And it’s the same in the non-material world.

The world of ideas.

The Realm of concepts.

Our individual and collective imagination.

To dream (from an American or Australian perspective).

And, for the material aspects of those amazing pieces of technology or art, nothing changed without the spark of a cognative concept: A thought communicated.

Inspiration arrived – let’s get it on!

Where do these Ideas come from? Are they real? Do we produce them from chemicals inside us, like a lava lamp chemically ‘forming’ ideas?

Or does biology provide just the metaphorical LED screen on which a channelled programme can be received?

The Human: a receptor of fields of information that is available to be ‘downloaded’ to the ‘device’s’ hardware.

Cloud-based imagination and creativity software.

Data inputs of ideas put to the Human hardware.

As a comparison, what you see in terms of light creating vision, via the eye, has to go through plenty of ‘stages’ before you get the picture! Oh and watch out for viruses.

So if this is the case, that we are able to add to our programmes, from out there in the cosmos of the Muse. How is this computed?

The Realm of education.

Now, back to our magic words: When I say ‘education’ it is likely to conjure up a certain set of parameters, ‘agreed psychological boundaries of understanding’.

Stop me if I’m wrong but the generally agreed definition of ‘education’, in the context in which I’m using the word, is: Children / in a group / in a school / sitting still / listening to a teacher / preparing to be tested on what they’ve been told or read / etc. More or less.

Ok, they can be adults, or online, or other possibilities and variables – but the magic of the word ‘education’ places in our minds a ‘master’ or ‘mistress’ who is in charge, the boss, the dominant person, in the passing on of important information. And in this established definition of ‘education’ the receivers are ‘inferior’ to the teacher. In a heirarchical sense.

Learners must do as they are told.

Learners need to be instructed as to what to think, say, do and act …according to conventional ‘education’.

To be educated is to follow someone else’s course of understanding. To submit to being indocrinated throughout one’s childhood.

To earn validation as a Human Being in preparation for adult servitude.

But what if I do a magic trick on the word ‘education’? I won’t be the first or the last, no doubt.

What if I attempt to tweak the parameters of the word to offer a different concept of how to help people build comprehension and insight?

What if the deepest and most important education comes from no interaction with other people?

A solitary process that happens as with a software download from the world-wide-web to a terminal device.

Where having one’s ‘head in the clouds’ was, in fact, a very good thing…

Well that would be quite a considerable shift in the magic of the word, ‘education’.

This new concept that I am now trying to latch onto; and conjure with magic words; has a polar difference:

The ‘right’ brain (cranial) hemisphere is understood to be the imaginative, creative, artistic, wondrous aspect of the organ. The graphics card and processor, from our computer metaphor. It makes the magic ‘pop up’ on the screen.

The left (cranial) hemisphere is more the memory and operating system, facilitating the smooth running of interaction between code, software and hardware: functional rather than creative.

And herein lies the irony: The software that we load into our children, in western culture, is restrictive. Or not sufficiently illuminating.

But nowthis word ‘load’ is precarious…

We are taught – from an increasing early age – that we need to be taught. And so learning, or education, must be ‘done’ to us. Administered, like the remedy for a malaise.

Children are understood to need corrective intervention so they don’t go wrong.

No doubt children need to be allowed to practise – in a safe environment – life’s techniques. How to climb a ladder, how to tie a lace, how to boil a cabbage, etc.

And to experiment with the elements of the world in order to build appreciation and trust.

Attempting and failing and repeating – if they so desire – to their heart’s content. No pressure. No assessment. No fear.

But this is a very different concept to what we currently require of our children. We demand, of freshly incarnated people; just arrived here in the world; from an increasingly early age; documented proof that they are biologically valid in their existence.

They must earn the privillage to be part of our society.

(You’ll notice some don’t bother.)

And this might sound like I am being a sorcerer with my words and manipulating truths to win your hearts and minds. But allow me to  elaborate, to demonstrate… Children are incessantly tested. Why? Any scientist will confirm that a test is to find an anomaly.

Something different. Something strange.

Is someone ‘different’ at mathematics? Not good enough?? Is someone peculiar with their spelling? Dyslexic or dispraxic or generally diseased? Is someone too odd? Testing groups. Sampled herds.

Labels for stock. Tags for livestock.

Grading assimilates into a collective.

And from a collective, or an average, government is facilitated. Graphs are drawn. Outsiders are ‘addressed’.

‘Correct’ those at the boundary. Rope and brand those at the perimeter…

Therefore kids believe this to be normal, from almost a pre-lingual age. Their worthiness of existence is punctuated by a gauges, filters, pens and numbers.

“Oh God! Mrs Jones is giving the test results back! I hope I’m valid! I hope that my offering to this matrix of judgement is acceptable!” Mummy only offers love to me if I’m in the top 5!”

The same is true of discipline and doing ‘as one is told’. Children are obliged to hand over their autonomy before they themselves have any real idea of who they are, of what their ‘self’ is.

I remember watching a toddler operate – drunk with life, and without any real faculty to direct his actions with reflective comprehension. It was all total autopilot! And it got him into trouble with the system. He perhaps felt the urge (as a human being might) to look at the world from a different perspective. He had only recently added the ‘walking app’ to his computer system, and decided, very sub-consciously, to go for a wander. (Boys are handicapped by being more adventurous you see, this disrupts organisation and control.) He was reprimanded. It was made very clear to this three-year-old that he was required not to walk (on this occasion). But to sit and listen. His autonomy was not his own. The emotional vibration that accompanied the instruction was curt and cold. He received an ‘input’ of emotional pain – whether a feeling of shame, humiliation, frustration, is not important for this example. He was made to feel he was: a ‘bad’ boy.

Now, it’s not far beyond the realms of possibility that that same boy, at some recent time in his past – maybe even that day – had been congratulated for his new walking skills. Those same new walking skills! But because of the collective group-think in which we submerge our children, he must quickly understand that his life is not his. That the sooner he relinquishes his autonomy to the ‘authorities’ the less trouble he will find himself. To be aware that, depending on different company and environments, he must relinquish his Nature. And that, in return for his sacrifice of self, he may also receive a sticky star too! Pavlov’s Scooby-snack!

As though a fearful spectre, masquerading as his True Self, whispers in his head: “You are not permitted control of yourself… Check with ‘me’ before you attempt anything… AND I MEAN ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING!”

Hopefully the resentment and frustration that this environment builds into a young psyche manifests in a way that finds fault with the system and individuals enforcing it, rather than the pandemic symptom of self-loathing ( which is frequently associated with narcissism, psychopthy and other malignant psychological conditions).

Because once self-loathing arrives, through the lack of an alternative world-view that might balance the nagging, sub-conscious, injustice and frustrations ….that’s when the neurosis kicks in.

But this is all great from the farmers’ perspectives.

A few ‘examples’ of what happens to those who receive ‘correcting’ keeps all the other beasts in line.

‘Don’t rock the boat’, ‘keep your head down’, etc. ‘Stay central to the group think, so they can’t find fault in you.’ ‘It’s those at the perimeter that get the whip!’

And this is where the magic words come in: ‘Work hard’ / ‘the world doesn’t owe you a living’ / ‘get on in life’ / ‘play the game’ / ‘greed is good’ / ‘keep the wolf from the door’ / ‘seen and not heard’ / ‘earn your crust’. Etc.

The magic words that restrict the liberty of Self.

Real freedom to explore and experiment must be prioritised.

To pick up vibes and run with them. To initiate for one’s self. To have a relationship with the World excused from the stagnant filter of subtle, heirarcical, obligation.

To become a redundant drone, but without being thrown on the societal slag heap.


Like Wall-E. And he enjoyed being industrious, without obligation! Happy to carry on without intervention or instruction.

Why are Humans assumed to be lazy? They are certainly inherently creative.

The disillusion arrives through fear and axiety of a lack of self-worth.

Schools are currently junior sweat-shops. Like factories of bureacracy. The Self is irrelevant.

Young mammals should play. Play allows both hemispheres of the Mind to reference the world in which they find themselves, and respond to it appropriately and with creativity.

Because play is fun it moves the neurology away from the reptilian brain of ‘fight, flight or freeze’ to the ‘higher Self’ faculties that bring forth the True qualities of a Human Being: Emotional Freedom, Psychological Peace, Wisdom, Respect, Collaboration, Creativity, Courage, Empathy, Compassion, Exploration, Art, Music, etc, etc.

During the industrial epoch our society required human labour to do the work of today’s high-tech computers and machines. To sit still, like a trained dog, and repeat the task.

The most important aspect of a child’s education was to learn to do as it was told. To conform. Therefore, when required to stay all day in a dark mill, weaving cotton, for example, it would obey. Because it remembers ‘its place’.

It has a low enough sense of self-worthiness to facilitate the servitude.

Or if it werrequireded to charge at a machine gun, it would.

Humans are collateral. Cogs in a machine. Stock for trade. Merchandise with a shelf-life.

Magic words like ‘qualifications’, ‘income’, ‘career’, and ‘hard work’ have been posessed – with sorcerers’ spells and the craft of copywriting – to magically bring the zombies to the workhouses.

But now the machines are so technologically advanced that the people are increasingly no longer needed in this capacity.

Computerised factories now require 3 workers that previously required hundreds of powerful people slaving away.

So what’s to be done with the surplus?

Perhaps a cull? A subtle one that looks like a ‘natural occurance’ that couldn’t be helped. To clear away the human flotsam and jetsam.

The farmer shows no hatred to the horse as it is lead to the glue factory.

We have been educated to be the menial labourers of the ivory towers. But there are no longer many menial tasks to be done, by hand. All irrelevant and outdated.

Little left to accredit our existence…

So other magic words arrive ,to herd these confused and disturbed beasts of burden using fear and insecurity: ‘Unemployment’, ‘terrorism’, ’bum’, ‘climate-change’, ‘low-life’ ‘poor’, etc.

And society offers increasing opportunities to bypass the self and head for addictions, escapism, TV, alcohol, porn, etc, etc.

Magic words (and icons – logos, branding, advertisements, etc) are everywhere. Bombarding the senses. Pulling the self away from the Self.

“Do this!” is the overarching message. “Yes we emaphise. We empathise with your plight that can’t be helped. So obviously we really are on your side. Now come over here and spend money: Cinema, spa-day, holiday, titty-bar, pop concert, sport, ANYTHING! …to make life less empty. Because of early childhood programming there is a constant state of neediness and dissatisfaction in you. We can fix them if you surrender.”

“Please – someone! – fill up this weird space in me, because I have no idea how to…! What shall I do? Tell me? Ok: The pub. Then what? The betting shop to get money? Ok. Then what? Shag someone ‘better’ than me, so I can pretend I’m really good? Ok. Then what…?”


We mentioned right and left brains. We can also mention the inner and outer self. We can also discuss one’s light and shadow sides. And of course the masculine and feminine.

We are 50-50.

And yet there is a certain inkling one may get that we are unerringly, and perhaps deliberately, split. Divided and conquered: We are offered the external world, but nothing internal.

Yet the harmonious chords of intrigue and creativity that travere the Universe do not stop at our skin. They are also meant to fizz inside of you where they all meet.

Like a train station in a meteor shower!

There are not five but thirty-six senses that lead from out to in! (Don’t rule out the importance of hairs in this process btw! Those strings of the musical instrument!)

There are organs and synapses and neural pathways and meridians and emotions and processes that have a phenomenal effect on the external world.

Become emotionally literate!

Release your trauma.

We must tune ourelves to the interfaces between various fields of existance.

The planes of the Tao.

The membrane of our periphery is much more than just a malpighian layer of the skin. There are elctro-magnetic fields of energy emitted (and received) at the heart organ which can apparently travel many miles within an influential shpere. Telepathy. Etc. Just the tip of a currently very cold ice-berg.

A cricketer has no time to engage his mind when artistically playing with a rock-solid missile approaching him at 100mph from just 22 yards. This is ‘muscle memory’.

The Self is far more than just the brain.

The study of the Self ties in with the understanding of one’s ‘shadow side’. Polarities are a constant in our universe. As we are all expressions of an inner and outer self, so we all have a ‘shadow’ and ‘light’ self.

Everyone is 50/50.

Again emotional understanding is vitally important … an urgent requirement of our education systems.

Females especially, are indoctrinated to offer, publicly, only a light side. A woman with an obvious shadow side on display, is a rare thing. They will act that they are never angry, or resentful, in societal company. It would be unbecoming of someone with high breeding. T’would be un-lady-like.

Yet conversely males are offered rage and resentment as one of their very few emotional outlets. “Show no weaknesses.” “Man up.” (“Feel free to be aggressive and asertive, just don’t ever look like a pussy.”)

These shadow sides amass negative ‘gunk’, through denial and repelling of emotional wounding.

For example, if you were told regularly as a child to stop your natural emotional response (“Stop crying! You’re making a scene!”), there will be a ‘bank’ of abdominal wounding from which to release (the exact location, and the type of sensation or effect, will depend on factors).

But likely to have built up over many years.

Relief through these valves of sensation is vital. Many many people are ‘carrying’ emotional pain (that they may deny, avoid or escape from) through having no understanding of their shadow side; or how to assimilate those dark areas of the Self and psyche into their ‘whole’. This weight of emotional burden can certainly, over time, adversely effect more imperically tangible anatomical matter: disease.

Some of us happen to be men (because we have anatomical differences) and some of us are women. (Again just words and labels creating conceptual magic in the mind. Compartments of samples. A battery.) Yet we all have the faculty for both sets of stereotypical gender characteristics:

Men can be just as caring and nurturing parents as women, yet this is recognised as feminine.

Women can be just as aggressive and violent as men, yet this is recognised as masculine.

Men can collapse in helpless sorrow just like a woman, yet this would be considered feminine.

Women can assert themselves to be leaders just as well as men, yet we consider this masculine.

Feel free to release the dark magic from these three words, ‘Divide and Conquer’.

And when we, the people of this planet, truly understand the fear, devastation, and bloodshed wreaked by these three words, much healing and rejoicing will occur.

We must assimilate and prioritise childhood.

We all – the adult children – need our help.


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