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The Veil of Oppression

by | Dec 13, 2015 | History | 0 comments

I used to massacre ants as a youth. And set them up, nest vs nest. For war. If I could organise it, red vs brown. I tended to fancy the reds personally.

Anyhow, the warring of tribes. Tribes of people separated long ago. If you can picture a wave length of politics, one crest would be the complete fragmentation of the self. Let alone groups or communities. We’re talking properly broken. The lowly peak. And the other peak, perhaps a more comfortable pinnacle, being: oneness. Togetherness. Peace.

Here on our island the Peoples were also divided, for many years. War ravaged. Fear reigned. Hierarchy arrived, genetically, corruptly and covertly. Some Peoples were overlords, and others were serfs. Masters and Commanders. Slaves and servants.

And this was commonplace. Nothing to worry about. All part of the period. It’s just how we were. ‘Historical’. Know your place and don’t try to change it. “Move along… Move along…”

A servile sub ordinance to a serpent of societal suffering. “It must be done this way. Do as you are told Mowgli.”

The Saxons trashed the Britons. The Normans trashed the Britons. The Vikings trashed the Britons. From the east the psychopathic barbarians pushed the ancient Celtic People west. Always west. A north-western accordion of indigenous disharmony. Squeezing. Relocating. Dominating. Violating.

The rugged western peninsulas were where the Bards and the Druidesses reigned. Maintaining their culture, similarly of art and grace.

And Ireland. The last great haven of ‘Hen wlad’; still pristine and wholesome as the junction of epochs and cultures arrived.

Ireland, the baby of Briton’s isles. Cradled and west facing as a pregnant mother looks to the future…

But the blood-lust of Rome was to even adulterate the infant Eire.

Oliver Cromwell’s New Model Army pillaged and murdered her, and her babe. Rome understood the vestige and Power of Eire, untamed and unconquered. The Spirit of the Emerald Isle. If Glastonbury is the heart chakra of Gaia, then the 700 mile ring, encompassing Ireland, easily lies within.

Rome required her patriarchal servitude.

Cromwell was an important character of history. The time when God’s kingly stewards were coming into question. A man – like Robespierre and Hitler – who arrived with no bloodline privilege, and became the ruler of North-western Rome. In 1643. How the Saxons, Vikings and Normans did to the Britons as they herded Celtic refugees west; was the equivalent of how the ancient Peoples were crushed.

…All over Atlantis.


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