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Tesla’s Legacy

by | Dec 12, 2015 | News & Current Affairs | 0 comments

Nicola Tesla

We’ve got a superiority complex here in the west, which needs addressing.

We’ve been sling-shot away from our spiritual selves via a small Roman window of technology spat from western Europe, globally. Our western lust for fiscal advantage has propelled a huge increase in population, cultural influence and geographical millage. So much so that we have left behind, in all the excitement of expansion, some very important aspects of our Nature.

The Roman Empire – which has had its ups and downs, was squeezed and amplified at the time of the industrial revolution. It was ejected like a volcano – all over the planet. Splash: There goes western consumerism and military expansion! Splat! “Have that, indigenous Peoples. Whether you like it or not you’re becoming ‘free’. Welcome to captivity!”


Democracy, in it’s realisation, is not feasible. All concepts are divisive in politics. A set of rules and regulations, in statute, is a dangerous thing. It can always get ‘wriggled’ past. Separation into compartments. You be with the motion and I’ll be against the motion. Hear hear!

One stance is that we have left Spirit behind. That elusive overarching formula. Perhaps ironically, through science, we can know that there is no True separation. At the Quantum level Mr Plank, in 1944, assured us there there are no ‘spaces’ between things. There is a ‘matrix’, which is ‘the mind of God’ that exists at the sub-atomic level. Great swathes of resonant Energy that we, as humans, are able to affect. Mostly via the Heart space, incidentally.

And it is not a ‘thought’ process. The Heart Capacitor is a far more prevalent conductor than conventional culture gives credit for. Mind and thoughts are often unnecessary. Emotions and feelings are hugely powerful at the vicinity of the Tao’s canvas. Quantum level stuff.

But back to psychology. Or is it science. Who gives? Richard Dawkins: Memes. If People are Energy emitting Entities, which they are, then Tesla was massive.

He left an Energetic legacy that blows the fuses! And he won’t be contained!

Tesla was extinguished as a material singularity, but like OB1: they won’t know how imaginable his power could become – after they struck him down.

This guy knew his stuff. And wrote it all down. Which is nice. Currently, the powers that be aren’t employing his creativity to the fullest of its brilliance. Allegedly. Yawn.

This – from one perspective – is perplexing: Why would a chap, who came up with some of the planet’s most Earth shatteringly marvellous inventions, get, basically, shunned? Odd hey? Surely Mr Tesla should be the first name in every schoolboy’s science book.

Oh… I see… From a money perspective, it’s a bit more complicated than that…?

You see they couldn’t generate financial advantage from Mr Tesla’s stuff. They wanted a meter, you see, like Mr Edison does. “Something we can ‘monitor’. You know, so no harm comes to any of the lovely people. That we care about so much.”

(“Piss off Tesla! Get into the capitalist dungeon and stop fucking up our ancient hierarchies!”)

Oh, but you see he’s not dead. Richard Dawkins will tell you all about dominant ‘memes’ finding sustenance here. Tesla is alive and well and coming to a battery pack near you!

Ya boo sucks!

Get out the way snakes…


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