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Trading Children For Money

Dec 10, 2015 | Education & Psychology, News & Current Affairs |

Barter Fayres

These tokens: money. They don’t half cause trouble. I even have to pay to maintain my status as ‘father’.

Just imagine, if you will, the Star Trek economic system: without money. It’s really good. Everyone just ‘does it’. Like a sports commercial. They like to ‘just do it’.

In the morning you get up and do your thing. And money doesn’t matter.


Variety is nicely available.

If one day you want to help in the produce faculty, you could. Whereas on another you might prefer to get creative and artistic. Or sporty. Or educational. Many daily faculties from which to choose… Money doesn’t matter.

Because it’s abstract, and not real. Money restricts Human progress.

People require liberty and equality. It helps with fraternity.

Properly free then, see.

People have been ravaged by capitalism, sadly. It’s insatiable lust for financial wealth. Awful competitiveness (so counter-productive). A denominator of tyranny.


It’s time to get shot of money. We need a get out strategy, to arrive at the Bank of Star Trek.

Inter-dependance not codependance.

Collaboration on the most macro of geo-political scales.

Perhaps via crypto-currencies in the interim…? They sound interesting. No ‘middle-man’ y’see. No tier drains. Economic triggers like interest rates and inflation aren’t involved. This stream-lines the efficiency of trade, with only just the two parties. Government therefore excused from each economic transaction.

Therefore sprigs of economic sprouts can plume anywhere and everywhere, without geographical bonds to a place – such as a mint. With cyber-money the irrigation is fluid. Prosperity is not marshalled from atop ivory towers.

The word ‘conservative’ is one of the great Orwellian Double-Speak prize contenders. The capitalists require us to believe that there is a conservation effort in process. Culturally? They’re having a laugh!

The capitalist tumour has – generation by generation – chipped away at an older, indigenous, culture; across the world. Conservatism is a low priority, clearly and apparently.

The chastisement of the people. Drip by drip. Hour by hour. Dime by dime.

Farmed. Industrially.

Children are removed from parents, by law, daily; to ‘allow’ everyone to ‘contribute’ to society?

You can not be serious.

But it is happening.

Children are commodities. Valuable assets with which to create profits.

Ice cream and movie tickets is one avenue. Posh schools is another (“especially when the alternatives are so vulgar Cynthia!”) and parenthood is another.


Yes. It is a valued qualification, and one that can generate high tariffs.

The trick is to find a way of justifying the removal of the label in the first place. Which sounds tricky.

But it’s facilitated by lawyers…

“One must create a way of creating the ‘understanding’ that there is something wrong with the parent. A doubt, if you will: Use the most credible institutions my pretties, i.e. the law. Remove the title of ‘mother / father’. Unofficially. We couldn’t be seen to actually defrock the poor bleeders! Just make sure they’re livid enough to want to pay to be reunited geographically with their young. You see a court order or two might be a good idea to up the ante, as it were. You know what they say, ‘An angry man pays through the nose!’

So the only mediators available are in the courts, where, amongst the counsel, the only voices that count are strangers’ who have a vested interest connected to income. No knowledge or understanding of the individuals involved, just a weird set of rituals and clerical protocols emanating from books that were written a long time ago…

Children really are being kidnapped by the state.

Like imperial pirates they can bureaucratically loot parents from children without any evidence of wrong-doing required.

You can even submit a detailed four-page psychological assessment from a Specialist Doctor of Psychiatry with over twenty years experience, clearing you of any risk; but until the legal vultures have ripped the flesh off the carcas of your family – all allegedly with ‘children’s best interests’ at heart – Her Majesty’s Courts are in charge.


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