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“JFK: Blown Away …What Else Do We Have to Say?”

by | Dec 5, 2015 | News & Current Affairs |

Conspiracy Theories.

“Restraint? Why are you so concerned with saving their lives? The whole idea is to kill the bastards. At the end of the war if there are two Americans and one Russian left alive, we win!”

My first inklings that ‘something was up’ arrived during my undergraduate days. A group of us Second Years were assigned to compile a presentation under the topic of ‘Contemporary American History’ – during which we had previously studied the Watergate Scandal (leading to Nixon’s presidential expulsion) and various other contraversial events in recent US history. We decided to pitch for the assassination of JFK.

The main thrust of our study emanated from the Oliver Stone feature film ‘JFK’ starring Kevin Costner. I was transfixed after the first viewing.

It was crystal clear. There was no way that one lone ‘madman’ could have committed the most significant murder in US history since Abraham Lincoln was gunned down in the theatre. The excruciatingly obvious facts surrounding the crime were ignored by the official enquiry and the cumbersome ‘patsy’ cover story pinning it all on Lee Harvey Oswald was a darkest, and most obvious word salad to weep out from psychopathy’s armoury of red-herrings.

Besides the ‘magic bullet’ debacle, there are so many other mitigating facts proving the falsity of the government’s Warren Commission’s ‘findings’, that it beggar’s belief how so few people could have smelled the real rats hiding in the salads – spewed out by the braying media.

And herein lies the triumvirate phenomena: A complicit media, codependence and ‘cognitive dissonance’. The Perfect Eye of the Storm. These three bastions of illusion gave the real felons confidence that to pull the wool of the eyes of the sheep would be simply a case of lying big enough and long enough.

Kevin Costner’s character, Jim Garrison, was a lawyer in New Orleans at the time. He got wind that there was ‘suspicious activity’ involving prominent business men associated with covert efforts to invade Cuba, at the build up to Kennedy’s shooting. He uncovered a series of incriminating breadcrumbs (fed to geese) that led him to a connection with JFK’s murder in Dallas (not dissimilar to Woodward and Bernstein’s ‘follow the money’ successes in exposing the Watergate crimes of Nixon’s mob).

And so, from our trusting perspectives, if an honest solicitor with an impeccable reputation offers forth evidence to suggest that there was more to a president’s killing than has been officially submitted, we assume that ‘proper procedure’ will ensue. Because we are led to believe that we live in a just, wholesome and ‘free’ society …of course, therefore, truth and justice will arrive.

But Jim Garrison was subtly and pervasively assaulted, from many angles. As he built his case against the official report into the lone madman theory and highlighted the glaring flaws in the public’s assuredness, he was isolated and defamed as a professional and an individual to the extent that he was perhaps fortunate not to have been ‘erased’ himself.

The complicit media – intrinsically interconnected with the corporate and military establishment, who detested Kennedy’s efforts to counter their global dominance – fed the public decoys and lies to deflect away from the truth; whilst ripping Garrison’s ‘conspiracy theory’ apart, to the extent that even his wife and family began to doubt his sanity and motives.

This is cognitive dissonance. A prevalent psychological condition that clouds the mind. Rather than face difficult truths – or even consider them; for fear of unsettling an entrenched and deep-rooted world-view – the sufferer will contest evidence provided and become dismissive; and even aggressive; towards the individual suggesting the uncomfortable, alternative, theory.

The final psychological sleeper is, of course, codependence. To doubt oneself at the deepest levels of consciousness. To offer forth one’s autonomy to a ‘superior’. To a Big Brother character. A ‘sir’. A master. Someone who can do the difficult thinking while we switch off. A confidAnt. A nicely rounded, trust-worthy, character. Like good ‘ol Nige Farage, or floppy-haired Boris. Yes. They can take charge, please? Sure he might have a heavy hand here and there, but he’s decent – I can tell by the way he appears! I seen him on the telly, like.

The Big Brother hero fights the bogey man. An awesome spectacle! Epic in it’s Grecko-Roman drama capacity! “Go on good guys! Get those bad guys!” We’re eating popcorn and cheering you on in our scarves and hats! They’re everywhere, those terrorists, if you watch the news enough. Let’s get ’em!

…Christ it’s actually not worth stepping outside it’s so scary, if we’re honest …except of course for another delicious Christmas waffle at the Burger House and then another movie before retail therapy time down the mall and back home for ‘Jungle Celebrities’! Then the late night zombie flick …a cheeky thrap, and then bed.

…Who was JFK again?

These ‘historical’ crimes; they don’t really matter, you know…?


“The very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society”
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