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by | Nov 25, 2015 | Education & Psychology | 0 comments

The distraction of mod-cons.

“Look over there!”

…Shout the capitalists to the chain-gangs as their reign of psychopathy ebbs: “We’ve got new, exclusive, brand spanking sexy high-tech devices for you! And if you just keep working a little bit harder … and longer … you’ll be able to have one! Isn’t that nice?” “And not only that. Not many others will be able to afford it, because your discipleship to income is so devout and faithful! You’re one of the best! Well done! You’re special. You deserve that radio controlled toaster with 20 megapixel camera because you’ve worked SO hard for us!”

“You’re worth it!”

“We celebrate you!”

“You. Are. SOO. Validated! Your society loves you!”

“Because you did as you were told, we’ll make you an example of virtue! A role model for all to exalt! Of being ‘good’. Just like when you were in school: A gold sticker for grown ups!”

And so we continue ‘behaving’ for Sir, for Mum, for Dad, for everyone, for the good of mankind, for the planet and all the universe. For validation – as a successful asset to the economy. We feel water-tight in righteousness!

No one can question us …surely?


They may squeeze our free-time (while celebrating our freedom); they may isolate our family (while applauding how hard we ‘try’); they may constrict our resources (and torment us with adverts) but they will never awaken our curiosity for an alternative!

How do they do that?

Why is this cult of capitalism so pervasively and intrinsically addictive?

Because there really is no other way! Without the vice-grip of money, civilisation could only crumble. No one would get out of bed; drive 30 miles to an office; look at a screen for 9 hours; focus on abstract numbers; fill in reams of bureaucratic paperwork; avoid their families and friends for the majority of their life; and repeat the process for 50/60 years. This IS how it is supposed to be!

Like the hamster that finds the cage door ajar, but stays.

We cannot envisage a world without incarceration, so we remain in servitude to capitalism.

The familiarity of the routine trumps any distant (childhood) instincts of exploration, creativity and wonder. Our inner voice says, “No. Best not risk it. There’s too much too lose. I’m not very clever or able. I’m just little ol’ stupid me. I’d best do as I’m told. I only got a ‘D’ in geography. And I am too institutionalised to believe in an improved alternative…”.

So we put on the blinkers. Keep believing (hoping!) what we’re told about the economic recovery being just around the corner, if we can all just keep going a little bit longer…

“We’re all in this together!”

“Come on team! Keep going! We can do it!”

(“Look. Here’s some money. A loan – obviously we’ll put interest on it – but you’re trying so very hard. Well done. We’ll make you feel so loved that what you have to pay us back, although loads more that you borrowed, is less than most other borrowers. Because you have an impressive ‘credit rating’. You can feel special about that. Well done again. Oh that? It’s interest you see. Can’t be helped. A Universal given. Fact of Life. Obviously we’d love to give you some more money – so you can have that lovely pepper-mill for Christmas, the one with the games console built in, off the TV – but the economy is SO tight at the moment. Sorry. And money doesn’t grow on trees, does it now…? Keep going. You’re a star. So special. Well done.”)


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