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Jesus & Julius

by | Nov 22, 2015 | Education & Psychology |

At About the Dawn of The Age of Pisces…

There were these two lads. Jesus and Julius. Symetrical Energies, but diametrically opposed. As is the nature of two fish swimming in opposing directions, approximately two thousand years ago, at the spawning of The Age of Pisces.

They roamed a similar locality, from a global perspective. And were both very influenceial in their opposing pools. Both male, but quite contrary in terms of masculinity and femininity …And perhaps it’s worth mentioning, on the topic of gender, that there was also this throw-back from the warring Age of Aries, called Cleo. As the Egyptian Empire ended. Very feline, she was. The Eartha Kitt of her day perhaps…? A woman. But she died. The serpent of Gaia poisoned her: “Asps. Very danger’us Indy! You go first!” She self-harmed apparantly…

Anyhow these two chaps, Jesus and Julius. Let’s break it down…


RIghteous / peaceful / Truthful / Spiritual / Forgiving / Virgin birth / secure / acsended


Ruthless / uncompromising / Cunning (Macevellian) / Material / Conquoring / Caesarian birth (well waderyerknow!) / insecure / murdered

The Roman Empire was the perfect war machine processed through the (Mars influenced, sacrificial) Age of Aries. But because Pisces influences polarity there was always going to be an antithesis. The Tour de Force that emerged from the Universal Consciousness was not an army bristling with shining steel, imposing submission and treacherous leaders. No. The, new, stream-lined, opponent offered at Source, was one man. The Son of Man no less. A simple, gentle, individual armed only with the Truth. A role model, touting that anything is possible once fear is rejected. And he stumped Julius’ mob with this, for a while, at least…

You see what Julius and the Romans had worked out, through bitter experience of their own insecure history as a tribe, was that fear was a very persuasive weapon. As was greed. If you could psychologically ingrain fear into an opponent and their people. Then their enslavement was already complete – just the terms of ‘how’ were left to decide. With carnal fear anyone, or any body, could be coerced and bullied, if they were afraid.

Greed too was an important tool. At the initial stages of a conquest, if you could intice the leader of your enemy into believing that relinquishing control, or becoming an ally, would bring luxuries and treasures beyond wildest dreams; you tended to make progress. Even if it was lies.

But the problem was; whereas the Romans – through Julius – thought that they’d as good as done away with Spiritual bravery (a continous hinderance to the steady conquoring of the Celtic People); bloody Jesus turned up. Until his arrival instilling fear, and therefore inhibited ‘control’, into citizens had been very successful in gelling and enmeshing a cosmopolitan blend of different cultures and creeds. Nail up a few scapegoat examples of what happens to dissenters and rebels, on crucifixes, in public places; and you’re home n dry management-wise. Add in a few sacrificial offerings to stadiums filled with hungry lions, etc, and no one’s going to do too much arguing about tax rates, and civil liberties, etc.

But Jesus certainly put a rebellious, anti-establishment, point across. He just wasn’t scared enough. While Julius was rampaging around destroying cultures, homelands and lives through fear and insecurity; Jesus was doing quite the opposite. And, in his own special way, defeated the whole Roman Empire …more or less. Without killing anyone! …Clever!

The contingents and legions of Christians ammassed in the south east, as Julius was upturning the west of the Empire. The battled with non-violence and bravely laid-down their lives when necessary. The Romans were at a loss. The fear of death had no sway with these Spiritual braves. Like Obi Kennobi who informs Vader that, ‘You can’t win Darth, if you strike me down I will grow more powerful than you can possibly imagine…” every Christian that was executed spawed hundreds more. They cropped up seemingly at random inside the empire. Rebels with a Cause.

Because, militarily speaking, the Romans had been blind-sided and the Christians had exploited their weak spot: The Truth.

And the Truth was that unless citizens were afraid, they could no longer be oppressed. And this realisation took a few hundred years to get to grips with. The Roman Empire’s momentum, as an overt warring force, slowed and then retracted. Julius’ expeditions signifying the pinnacle of the Romans’ unashamed imperial foreign policy.

Jesus’ message was that the Romans had it all wrong and that far from feeling comfortable in the exploitation and oppresion of other peoples, the Truth was quite the opposite.

And as the Age of Pisces progressed, at about the forth century, the Romans had to concede defeat to Christianity. But only overtly. The Romans, taking Julius’ well trodden philosophy of domination, weren’t done quite yet. They had secured so much power, prestige and wealth through their psychopathic adventuring that they were merely adjusting their strategy. How they hell could they out manoevre a foe that didn’t fight and weren’t afraid of death, who were growing in influence and popularity? It was a tricky one, to say the least…

Assimilate obviously. Julius had a good track record for using Spirituality to win trust. “Look. We’re nice guys. We’ll assimilate your culture’s Spiritual beliefs too. There’s no need to fight us, just join us and save everyone the hassle. It’s going to happen anyway, so why loose your life in the process?”

First an Emperor joined Jesus’ army, then the whole Empire. They became the Roman Catholics. And they decided to take control of the whole movement – and spread it around. For Jesus’ sake. God love him.

A lot of folk had written about Jesus. There were lots of stories and memories passing about. Some rumours and some anecdotes. We the Romans thought it prudent to ‘organise’ it all a bit better – because they had, you’ll remember, seen the Light and become all righteous and peaceful, and wanted to help.

So a book was put together, to put the whole sorry business of Julius vs Jesus to bed. A compliation, conceived at the Conference of Nice. The Bible. There. That was nice. An interesting chap, with some convincing ideas came along, and now he’s gone. It’s all in this book if your interested – but just remember: He was brutally executed for raising his head above the paraphet, and as nice as he was he went the way of all those idiots who don’t step in line with us.

Well the warring just morphed. The Pisces fishes just twisted and twirled into other polarities. Because as long as Julius’ anxious Romans tried to quell the enthusiam for the Christ Consciousness, via coersion, propaganda and/or violence, it just wouldn’t go away.

The traditional Roman Empire split and Constantinople held the title for another thousand years or so, and in Europe the ‘Holy Roman Empire’ – with Jesus now amazingly installed as the role-model for more of the same: “Christian soldiers”. Yes, the propaganda had worked the ‘die for Jesus’ routine into the army. He died for the noblest of causes. We, Roman Catholics, are now the custodians of your Faith – you’ve collectively handed over your spiritual autonmy by the way – and you’ll see clearly that if you fight wars for us you’ll go to heaven. Obviously. Like Christ. Who was happy to die too. Simple. Chop-chop! Pick up your sword and kill for Jesus, there’s a good serf. The sacrificial lamb of God – the legacy of Aries.

The disciples of both men spanned into Pisces: greed and fear for Julius; Love and Hope for Jesus. There were peaks and troughs throughout the Age of Pisces. As technology advanced so did communication and access to more and more cultures and Peoples. On occasions Julius’ disciples would secure famous victories in their preferred styles (eg: William the Conqueror / Napoleon / Winston Churchill / etc / etc); and on others Jesus’ disciples would gain the ascendency (eg: St David / Mohammed / Gandhi / Martin Luthur King / etc).

And here we are. Looking back at the Age of Pisces and it’s two varing attitudes to life. At the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. Wondering how the fuck we’re going to draw a line under all this Aries warring that Julius and his pals maintained. Well, if you ask me, the point that Jesus was making, is that Julius was quite wrong in his teachings. That there is a far better way than the legacy of Fear and opulent, sophisticated, brutality that he professed. And in order to suppress Jesus’ alternative outlook, he had to convince the world that there was no other option than to continue the slaughter and conquest, but for God. We must hack and slash our way to the Creator’s Promised Land – killing everyone who wasn’t holy enough, with impunity.

Before we can pass out of Pisces, we need to first eradicate Aries I fancy…




Pisces: Similar to the Yin-Yang

There’s Gold In Them There Hills

Gold was an important commodity back in the Age of Pisces. Julius loved it. He emerged on the sholders of some imperious predecessors who had rampaged through the Celtic tribes of the European continent.

The Roman Empire had, ironically, been spared a pasting by a generous Celtic chiefton, approximately 300 years before Caesar’s rise to become Emperor of the known World.The Celts – at their zennith – had spared the Romans from certain extinction. They could have murdered every last one of them. But they chose not to…

The Age of Aries, with all its characteristic warring, was concluding; and the Spiritual Druidic peoples of Europe were going to get a turn-around that must have had even Anglesey’s most Faithful alarmed! Although being a culture appreciative of celestial sciences, they would had had optimism that one of Pisces fish would offer a new direction for humanity…

Meanwhile the Romans smashed their way through the central European plains, up through Gaul and west to Iberia, happily conquoring and plundering as they went. Machiavelli’s would one day be proud! Initiating a strategy that would eventually amass their materially orientated top brass the entire globe (give or take): ‘Divide and Conquor’.

Through deceptively befriending their eventual subordinates – using them to inflict casualities on their immediate, traditional enemies, locally – they would galvanise neighbourly conflict …and wait for the inter-tribal fighting to run its course. The Romans knew they’d backed the right horses becasue they’d armed them heavily with the most advanced weaponary in the world. Then they’d ‘assimilate’ with their (temporary) allies; before gradually crushing them through subtle eugenics, insidious vices and strict social heirarchy, inside the belly of their austere and draconian culture.

This Borg-like ‘assimilation’ of defeated peoples can be vouched for by any indigenous population you’d care to mention, pretty much. Maoris to Muslims. Ancient Celts to Zulu warriors. Native Americans to Aborigines of Australia. Slowly and surely they were all ‘squeezed’ of their culture. Oppressed, ever so gently. Lie by lie. Murder by murder. Treaty by treaty.

“But wait!” I hear you cry! “The Romans never got to Australia! Strewth mate, check your history y’flaming galah!”

Yes they did. They just didn’t look like traditional Romans when they got there. Just like the Romans that defeated the Aztecs were disguised as Spaniards. And in India disguised as English merchants. And in Vietnam disguised as G.I. Joes.

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