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Realms & Substances

by | Nov 20, 2015 | Education & Psychology, News & Current Affairs |

Realms and Substances

There is magic in this world. Not that I’m superstitious, but science has shown me. Chemistry to be precise. Drugs. I had a hamburger the other day, and I was high as a kite. On sugar. Shit it was. But I picked some Welsh mountain fungi, as I do once an Autumn, from the highest calibre land imaginable. Sir Benfro. Up amongst the clouds, carreg ac cyfylyau. Dim lot fawr iawn. Un o Dau. Dim ots. Gwlad. Rock n roll – fuckin lovely.

“Only a truely insane global state of consciousness could allow such an abomination to occur.”

And it’s not a problem.

Not in comparison to the train wrecks at accident and emergency wards at hospitals on a Saturday night.

Booze y’see.

Sesshed up, n that. Sauced up to the eyeballs mun.


So the laws and regulations around intoxicating substances, is perplexing, to say the least.

Why is it that some substances are legal – regardless of the obvious damage they are doing societally – whereas as others, that seem to induce little more than passive ‘munchies’, and a lack of interest in clocks and heirarchies, are prohibited?

If one were to choose between a universe where people had a cheeky biffta once in a while, as opposed to a world of drunken hoodlums every Friday and Saturday night, I know where I’d go.

Not that there’s too much of a problem to have one’s favourite tipple once in a while, Margret. If great uncle Dafydd has a single malt at the yard arm, we’re not going to ruffle too many Bobby Charlton comb-overs, are we?

But in terms of advertising, the roles need addressing: Why are we encouraged to buy huge slabs of piss, off the telly?

At the face of it, it’s a marvellous knock down price! But that ain’t the point: At the end of an evening there may be a huge price to pay…

Don’t get me wrong. I’m no saint in this dept.

I once piss-drove with my bestests friends in the world in the car with me. (This is a long time ago). I was young and very stupid. I got tanked up, and put the precious lads in the car with me. We speed along a country road, music playing, and I pulled up the hand brake.

For some reason.

We were miraculously saved that night. There were skids and swerves at high speed, and the fact that we didn’t roll is still a scientific mystery to me. There. I said it. Sorry about that. The piss made me do it.

Please! Validate me!

But if I’d been tanked up on some other substance, maybe I would have behaved differently.

For the record I walked to and from the hills the other day.

But as I walked I was very respectful of my environment, and I had no intention of doing anything at a high tempo. Let alone drive.

Perhaps a bank holiday, once a year, where booze is illegal, and mushrooms aren’t? Just the one festival of the fungi annually? All carefully thought through.

A visit to a lovely Realm, if you will?

Everything positive so there’s no need for anyone to get afraid of the internal journey. No obligation. Just not illegal to do that if you want to. All ceremonial (if you like) and managed sensibly.

A rite of passage for a young human perhaps, as they arrive into adulthood…?

But we criminalise the nice drugs and encourage the ones that get us aggressive. ”

…Very very unewshual…”


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