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Corbie Boo!

by | Nov 16, 2015 | News & Current Affairs | 0 comments

17th August, 2015

So Gordon Brown is the latest New Labour pirate attempting to keep the skull and crossbones flying for Queen and Capitalism. Individually Blair, and other has-been-political-paper-weights, are laughable. However collectively they are doing their job for the Establishment. Sowing seeds of doubt.

The Labour Party machine was hacked into, prior to the 1997 election. Blair’s Red Tories were hailed, by the tycoon-funded mainstream media of the time, as heroes of global modernity; shifting Labour to a polished, ’new’, ‘electable’ option. They offered a ‘third way’, so it was believed: Allow vulgar greed to continue mostly unchecked while at the same time helping the uncompetitive too.

And it’s this word, ‘electable’ that needs dissecting. What are we talking about when we make this infusion into our comprehension of what ‘electable’ is? We have this notion that ‘electable’ is being economically sophisticated; comprehending that neo-con capitalism is really the only sensible option. This is just assumed, as though Moses, in all the excitement, may have missed ‘No. 11’ on his stone tablet, which – thankfully – Cardinals Osbourne, Brown, etc, didn’t.

The media are strategically sowing the seeds of doubt for us. Most publications and TV broadcasters – The Sun, Sky, The Telegraph, etc – can wade right in and ridicule him. Slowly and surely revving up to turn him into a Graham-Taylor-turnip-joke graphic. But it is in the so called left-wing press where the subtly arrives. Whereas Blair, with all his covert capitalism, was lauded as a saviour, riding bravely to leadership victory, Corbyn is meeting a different tone: Because he is truly, morally and ethically aligned with the plight of real people.

So in order to prevent him doing the unthinkable, through the ‘proper’ channels, the Establishment have to subtly undermine him via left-wing media channels too. So that it is ‘a pity’ that a nice guy just isn’t feasible, ‘even though we all really like him here in the trust-worthy citadels of the left’. It’s a psychology detective’s dream: They have to win you first, create trust. Build an honourable rapport with you. Make you feel that they, like you, really care. So – as in today’s Guardian – the opening paragraph takes a swipe at capitalism in general. “Great,’ is the knee-jerk response, this writer cares too. Like me! He’s on my team. And so, perhaps confident that your heart is won, the writer then builds on this trust, before emitting seeds of doubt – e.g. he’s a supporter of understood bogey-men like Hamas and Hezbolah. That he might soon be a laughing stock (cue fast-arriving damning soundbites like: ‘Marmite Man’, ‘Corbynomics’, etc) and therefore unwise, from the perspective of one’s own shame-resilience, to support. “Be careful! He might sound good now but soon he’ll go down like the rest of the mad lefties …and do you want to be the one who backed a crazy horse?”

Perhaps the writer believes he is making a ‘balanced’ argument, by looking at this unconventional political figure from the point-of-view of his opponents. As all good sixth form essay writers know, there’s two sides to every argument. But the balance must be viewed from a much bigger perspective. Those Corbyn ‘pluses’ that The Guardian and Mirror are obliged to offer are very much drowned out by the cacophony of media outlets that, collectively, sculpt the mindset of the populous. And as it takes considerable bravery to oppose what is germinated culturally, the Corbyn ‘danger’ is softly eradicated. Gently crushed by the dead-weight of persistent and pervasive undermining.

Thank God. Imagine having an individual as leader of a people’s party who refused to put rampant and pernicious financial fundamentalism at the top of his agenda…?

If Corbyn has timed his rise with the waning trust of corporate-backed propaganda, we might encounter a glimpse of the future. The internet is his ally, where freedom of expression genuinely exists without financial agendas. Those that take their viewpoint from the zombie of corporate television and newspaper outlets will be missing the increasing crescendo of dissent for austerity politics from all areas. In the online realm Corbyn is exciting. A breath of fresh air, offering sanctuary from the vice grip of the corporate agenda and the hegemony of the 1%.

The pendulum is perhaps swinging in his favour. The Millie Dowler scandal adds doubt and confusion as to the validity of the press. While the once saintly reputation of the BBC fails disgracefully to offer any meaningful reason as to why they harboured one of the world’s most horrific psychopaths, Jimmy Saville, for so many years.

So as the postal service was scuppered by open-source email, and as economics is teetering with the rise of purer crypto-currencies washed clean of government meddling, Corbyn looks well placed to lead politics into the digital age. He has positional potential to lead democracy away from neo-conservatism and division, to unite, into a long-standing political void, empathic people awake to the bullshit. But those people need to be wary of the pit-falls of becoming embroiled in red vs blue, or left verses right, or him verses her, etc, etc. These are what a psychologist would label ‘word salads’, employed to deflect and confuse away from simple, common-sense decency amongst citizens, in order to justify vulgar, ‘exclusive’, privilege.

And it will be through economics from which the ‘word salads’ will emerge. Bear in mind first of all that our Sterling has been detached from a gold standard for approximately 100 years. Therefore it has no connection to anything tangible in the material world. Money is abstract. It has lost any basis from which to trade with authenticity. Previously a piece of money represented a piece of gold. No longer. It is just plucked from digital thin air (which further adds to the growing reasons why crypto-currencies are about to take centre stage) and used as a tool to coerce and manipulate peoples’ fear, greed and priorities.

Government and corporate controlled economics is dying. Its hollow smokescreen of importance being increasingly understood and undermined. Corby knows this it appears, and is surely looking to a jolt our national philosophy away from the politics of empires and exploitation, towards a future where an individual’s autonomy is celebrated with genuine authenticity.

All the very best to him.

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